I could not do what I do without a long list of partnerships.

As mentioned in my guiding page, I work as a member of the Certified Guides Cooperative and with a long list of guide services around the country to provide permission, insurance, and logistical support for your trips. Among others, these are my partners:

I work with Feathered Friends as an athlete, using and testing their excellent down-filled garments and sleeping bags. 

For a number of years I have been on the Evolv National Team, rocking their sticky, comfy, and rugged footwear anywhere the terrain isn't snowy.

Backcountry Access delivers some of the best avalanche and snow safety equipment. I am honored to use their gear.

Camp-USA and I work together on testing and proving their excellent equipment for all types of high-paced, high-angle mountain travel.

I am employed as a gear review editor at

I have had the excellent fortune of working with Mark and Janelle Smiley on their quest to climb the 50 Classic Climbs in North America.  With them I have climbed all over the mountain and sub-arctic west, producing five significant online videos so far. Check out my portfolio for the list. 

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