April 28, 2017 from "Point John" in the High Sierra. 

  • 5.7.2017
  • Working: Guiding, in collaboration with Mark and Janelle Smiley, in Peru. Employing local partnerships and the support of the Certified Guides Cooperative to run a big, awesome, ski trip down there. Also, working on a few OutdoorGearLab projects.  
  • Playing: Just finished three weeks off work. In that time, while it's hard to call it "playing", I completed the first integral traverse of California's legendary "Red Line" ski tour. 
  • Personal: Mainly work and play. Not much couple time, not much home time, not much leisure time.  
  • Studying: Spanish.  
  • Training for: More like recovering... from the Red Line 
  • Socializing: Mainly with Meagan, clients and coworkers. 

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