Mountains make people better. And I share the mountains with people. Regardless of how you come to the mountains, you will leave a better person. This fundamental truth drives my work and avocation.

Food matters… 
A "Jed-venture" is characterized by wilderness, athleticism, and the right amount of suffering. I am not averse to pushing. We'll find an endeavor near your limits, and find new capacity in you. We'll eat well, or go light. We'll walk far, or not at all. We will not eliminate risk, but we will optimize the risk to reward ratio.

Regardless of where, for how long, or at what rate, I will capture professional-level images and/or video. Check out my portfolio for examples.

Whether on skis or on foot, in excellent conditions or marginal, icy, rocky, or a trail, the mountains transform people. It is our wild and steep terrain that gives you the experience you seek. I simply facilitate an efficient and enjoyable experience and safe return to civilization. We may redefine success along the way, but you will have no reason to complain.

Cochise, Arizona.
I am an international certified American Mountain Guide. There are countless reasons you should hire a certified guide. It doesn't have to be me, but he or she must be certified. Caveat emptor.

Certification is the bare minimum. However, we'll spend hours and days together. Personalities and styles must match. If you and I don't match, there is a certified guide who will. I have an empowering, flexible style. I won't let you coast along "for the ride". You'll be engaged in the decision-making process most of the way. To be honest, some find this fatiguing. Disclaimer number one: if you wish to be directed, I'm happy to find you another guide. What we will do together is take the journey. Each trip with me is, simultaneously, the culmination of a major goal, an enjoyable vacation, and the launching of yet another objective. Mountains are infinite. You, nor I, nor any aficionado has done all there is to do. I have a ready list of "next steps" for every climber and skier.

Wydaho's Teton region is home. Summer Grand Teton laps and Wind River basecamps swing into deep powder ski mountaineering all winter long. Educational forays to the City of Rocks, Lander, and Togwotee pass complement the crags and peaks of the central Tetons. Here, close to home, I can provide all the kinds of mountain endeavors and launch to the corners fit, sharp, and fresh for broader adventure.

I have as deep a familiarity with California's High Sierra as any guide. Alaska is a second home, and the mountains of the entire American Mountain West are at our disposal. Overseas, with enough advance notice, I can take you almost anywhere. I've climbed and skied in every corner of North America, from Greenland to Baja and Chattanooga to the Alaska Range. Few are as well prepared to forge on foot, ski, or rope into new terrain. An ever-growing familiarity with South America is  serving almost annual trips there.

On-site and on point on Alaska's Mount Hunter. 
I have the confidence and background to go to new areas, as well as the wherewithal to know my own limits.  A few times I have told people to find a more local guide or a more experienced guide. On the other hand, I have "on-sight" guided some of the world's most technical alpine guiding routes and pioneered the guiding of one of the longest rock climbs in the world. I've been dropped from helicopters and planes in wild, steep terrain and gotten my group out enjoyably, efficiently, and safely. If you can cook it up, I'll consider guiding it!

Recent guiding highlights:

  • April 2019. On-site guiding of Alaska's "Ham and Eggs" route. 
  • Autumn 2018. Two months of ski mountaineering guiding in Chile
  • January 2017. A month in Argentine Patagonia. 
  • December 2016 (and February 2018). Ice Week, Lake Louise, Alberta. 
  • July 2016. Complete, Direct South Buttress of Mount Moran, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. (V 5.8 A1)
  • May 2016. Fly-in ski mountaineering base camp. Chugach, Alaska. 
  • June 2015. Ishinca Valley advanced mountaineering course. School for International Expedition Training. Also, private trip on Chopicalqui Peak. Cordillera Blanca, Peru. 
  • April 2014. Valdez Ski week. Alaska. 
  • July 2013 and 2016 and 2017. Grand Traverse. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.
  • July 2012. Evolution Traverse. (First Guided) Kings Canyon National Park, California