Friday, April 19, 2019

Various Expedition "Kits"

I'm headed to Alaska for two months, starting tomorrow.

I spent yesterday revamping my various "kits" of small things. It was a good job done, and I better organized everything for extended wilderness travel. This is how I roll:

It all starts with the day-to-day emergency/first aid kit. I keep this page largely updated, and that post is one of my most visited pages on the site. I revamped this yesterday too. This kit goes everywhere with me; Short, long, high, basic. Big pack, small pack, it always has a place. 

On most trips I add some or all of this "day-to-day" kit:

[]toilet paper
[]hand sanitizer
[]Dermatone white
[]Dermatone clear
[]lip balm
[]toe/hand warmers
[]Extra ziplock
[]Potable aqua tabs

All in a zip lock, in a small black stuff sack

On overnight trips, a rigid sunglasses case with eye and tooth care is added. 

And then, for bigger, wilder trips, these various "kits" are added as needed. For AK 2019, all of it. 

First, the expedition first aid kit addendum. In addition to what's in the standard first aid/emergency kit:

[]2 pairs gloves
[]Various gauzes
[]Blister covers
[]Anti diarrheal
[]daytime cold medicine
[]nighttime cold medicine
[]Advil PM
[]cough drops
[]Alcohol wipes
[]KT tape
[]Coban/Vet Wrap
[]Steri strips
[]Tincture of Benzoine
[]Antibiotic ointment
[]Spare contact lens
[]ace wrap
[]ear plugs
[]ski strap
[]Hand sanitizer
[]AMGA altitude guidelines
[]Wet wipes
[]All in a rigid tupperware
[]First aid book
[]hardcore painkillers
[]Loratadine (claritin)
[]Needle and thread
[]Hand/toe warmers
[]skin salve
[]Iodine pills

Next, a bulked up repair kit. Also, in addition to stuff already in the standard daily kit:

[]Duct tape
[]Leatherman Charge
[]Leatherman bits
[]Leatherman bit extender
[]Thermarest repair kit
[]3-4 needles
[]Heavy nylon thread
[]Dental Floss
[]Tenacious tape
[]Alcohol wipes
[]bailing wire
[]zip ties
[]Free Sole
[]Pocket Rocket
[]All stored in a suitable sized snap lid tupperware
[]Barge Cement
[]super glue gel
[]one large trash compactor bag
[]Electrical tape
[]Various strings
[]Elastic cord
[]small side lock buckles
[]cord lock
[]Torx 25 key
[]allen keys 5, 4, 3, 2.5

When the expeditions involve skiing, this kit is added:

[]Bit driver
[]torx 15
[]torx 20
[]torx 25
[]flat head bit
[]small phillips
[]Pozi drive bit
[]Two drill bits
[]Various screws, t-nuts, bolts. 
[]Including bolts for sled construciton
[]duct tape
[]glide wax wipes
[]skin wax
[]kick wax purple
[]steel wool
[]two ski straps

Finally, a bulked up collection of toiletries etc:

[]Hand sanitizer
[]extra contacts
[]contact case
[]gold bond
[]wet wipes
[]dental floss
[]ear plugs
[]hand salve
[]big nail clippers
[]hand and toe warmers
[]vitamins. Glucosamine, fish oil
[]tiny pack towel

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  1. Viagra huh? Is there a use case beyond recreation? Hope you're well Jed! Thanks for posting.