Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018 Year in Review, "On the Clock"

That annual tradition. Wherein I spell out some details. Most notably, I feel like I have finally started this guiding career. Financially, I am making a living. It isn't fat and happy, and I hustle hard, but I'm doing grown-up things like owning a house, contributing to retirement accounts, and paying my way on service trips.

In no particular order:

  • 140 days of field guiding
  • Four US states and two foreign countries
  • 44 trips had a specific goal (peak or route) in mind. Of those, we made the summit or completed the route 38 times. That's a "sending percentage" of 86%. That's significantly greater than average, for me. 
  • 17 days of Alpine guiding
  • 5 days of Ice guiding
  • 48 days of Rock guiding
  • 70 days of ski guiding. This is the first year in which half my work has been on skis. Two months in Chile helped a ton!
  • 101 days as an employee of another company
  • 39 days working for my own company
  • 90 days were with returning clients or clients that came directly to me in some fashion. 
  • 106 days I worked in the field largely or entirely without a co guide
  • 34 days I worked directly with at least one other co guide
  • 34 nights in a tent in the wilderness
  • 40 nights away from home in other accommodations, for work


  1. impressive 86% - what accounts for the increase? setting more realistic goals or better skills or both?

    1. That's a good question, Mike. The biggest factor is that the sample size is just so small. A few lucky (or unlucky) windows of weather can really tip the balance.