Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2017 Year in Review. Non-work

A verbal selfie, illustrated with portrait selfies. North Teton Park. March
Whew... 2017 was intense. And in tents. I camped out 46 nights, total. More than most years, though, the truth is between the numbers. You'll find the familiar numbers way below. But first, the non numbers.

I also traveled a ton. The longest I stayed in any one place was 20 nights in a row, once. After that, the next longest stint was 12 nights. Short of that, 8 nights. Many months I slept in 12-15 different places. Like a rolling stone. Four trips to Latin America. I hopped back and forth between Wyoming and Colorado through the first half of the year. A trip to California, and twice drove across the country. I scored almost 7 weeks with family in New York. That is the longest I have spent there since I was in college.
Failure number one of 2017. Fitz Roy. February

I worked a lot. Most of my mountain time was for work. I did one personal expedition, but otherwise didn't take a ton of personal mountain time. I spent a total of 177 days in the mountains. 139 of them were for work.

That one personal expedition reigns as a highlight. Check out the full report here. Watch Backcountry Magazine in the future for a photo or two and some background info.
All alone in the High Sierra. April. 

The latter half of 2017 was likely the most disjointed and stressful six months of my life, so far. Priorities got "reshuffled", to put it mildly. The upshot is the impending settlement of a long-building, clouded mess (pardon the vagueness... like I said, it is still "pending"). The downside is ongoing, profound uncertainty.  And an understated "relaxation" of mountain and training motivation. Priorities reshuffled.
"That look on your face put a pit in my stomach". High Sierra. April. 

I did a lot of things well in 2017. My joints are healthier and happier at the end of the year than at the beginning. In work, I did great, supporting multiple households in comfortable fashion. I stored equity, professional development, and retirement savings. I found the motivation and means and time to do my first ever dedicated service trip. This time, to Puerto Rico. I don't see why I wouldn't do at least a week of service every year of the rest of my life.

Other things, by the numbers:

* 1001 hours of action in 2017.
* 266,200 vertical feet skied
* 470 climbing pitches
* 35 days alpine climbing
* 305 hours of action on alpine climbing days
* 78 days backcountry skiing
* 411 hours of backcountry skiing
* 5 days bicycling
* 8.5 hours bicycling
* 15 days in the climbing gym
* 24 hours climbing gym
* 24 days hiking
* 98.5 hours of hiking
* 102 days of rest
* 17 days rock cragging
* 30 hours of rock cragging
* 23 days of multi pitch rock climbing
* 80 hours multi pitch rock climbing
* 9 sick days
* 1 swimming day
* 2 hours of swimming
* 30 travel days
* on two travel days I also did a total of two hours of exercise
* 28 days of weight training
* 40 hours of weight training

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  1. Hey Jed,
    Always enjoy reading your blog. Whatever's going on in 2017 I hope it reaches an amicable resolution in 2018 and leaves you no worse for wear. Always impressed by your ability to year after year get outside and keep getting after it.