Thursday, December 22, 2016

Three Things Thursday, Issue #20

Ice climbing. Super secret location, December 2016. 
Merry Christmas! It's amazing ski season, and I'm ice climbing a ton. Good stuff all around. Three random things:

  • I ate super clean for most of November. Did a "Whole30" sort of challenge, though only for 20 days instead of 30. It felt amazing. Maybe it's a coincidence, but the day after I let up on the strict consumption, I got a cold that I'm still fighting over a week later. Ouch. 
  • That cold has prevented much skiing for me in recent weeks. However, I have been brushing up on my avalanche and ski decision-making. Ask me sometime about Exum Mountain Guides new guide communication and avalanche decision-making format. It's leading the industry, and I'm honored to be a part of it. Formalizing your decision-making is the first step in making sound choices in the mountains. Ever evolving that formal process is the next "step". Thanks Exum for leading the charge!
  • Meagan and I recently bought a truck to complement our little Prius. The Prius has excellent snow tires, while the truck has four wheel drive. I've driven enough on snowy mountain roads to know that, if I had to choose four wheel drive or excellent tires, I'd choose excellent tires. The Prius does better than the truck, every time. 

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