Monday, November 28, 2016

Ice Climbing Gear List, 2016-2017

It's ice season! Full-on...

I seem to ice climb in binges. And December is looking like it'll hold a bunch of ice climbing for me. I have trips booked to Dubois, WY and the Canadian Rockies, with some other ideas floating around. This list works in those places, as well as ice venues like New Hampshire, Cody, WY, Ouray/Silverton, and Valdez AK. This list is primarily organized for guests on trips with me, but it should make sense for just about anyone.

(*- optional, depending on venue, conditions, and, to some degree, personal preference)

First, individual gear. Each climber needs stuff on the bulk of this list. At the end is shared, group equipment. On a trip with me, I can provide some loaner individual equipment, and I provide all the group equipment. In parentheses, for a number of items, are the exact products I use and recommend. I work with most of these particular companies and highly approve of their equipment. 

Hard goods/technical gear:

  • Helmet. (Camp Speed 2.0)
  • Harness. (Cassin Jasper)
  • Belay device with accompanying carabiner (Edelrid Jul to belay leader, CAMP Ovo to belay follower.)
  • 2 additional locking carabiners
  • Prussik loop/rappel back-up
  • Nylon, double length sling. 
  • Crampons (Cassin Blade Runner)
  • Ice tools (Cassin X Dream)
  • Trekking pole or two
  • *Ice tool tether (bifurcating “umbilical”). 
  • *Avalanche transceiver (BCA Tracker 3)
  • *Shovel (BCA B1 Ext)
  • *Probe (BCA Stealth 240 Carbon)
  • *Snowshoes (MSR Denali)

Daily kit:
  • 30L backpack (Camp M2)
  • Insulated 1 liter water bottle
  • Thermos
  • Snacks and lunch foods
  • Camera
  • blister and headache medicine. Whatever other medications you might need 
  • Hand and foot “shake-and-warm” packets. 
  • Headlamp

Clothing. Much of this is redundant, allowing for tailored selection given the day’s forecast and agenda. 
  • Ice boots. (Garmont Pumori)
  • 3 prs socks
  • long underwear
  • soft-shell climbing pants (Arc Teryx Gamma AR)
  • Hardshell pants (Arc Teryx Theta SV bibs)
  • *Puffy insulated pants 
  • Synthetic boxers/undies
  • Synthetic t shirt
  • Light fleece long sleeve (Patagonia R.5)
  • Heavier fleece. (Patagonia Piton)
  • Softshell jacket for approaching. (Arc Teryx Gamma MX)
  • Light “action” puffy jacket. (Arc Teryx Nuclei)
  • Heavier "action" puffy jacket. (Feathered Friends Eos)
  • Shell jacket (Arc Teryx Alpha FL)
  • Belay jacket. (Feathered Friends Volant or Helios)
  • 4 pairs of various light weight gloves, rotated for drying. (CAMP G-Hot Dry, CAMP GeKO Hot, CAMP GeKO Touch. Arc Teryx Alpha FL)
  • Belay mittens (CAMP Hotmit’N)
  • Warm hat for approaching
  • buff/balaclava
  • sun hat
  • dark lens glasses
  • light lens glasses
  • *ski goggles

Group stuff:
  • Twin/half ropes. (Petzl 7.7mm, 60m)
  • Single Rope (Mammut Serenity 8.7mm, 60m)
  • 12 ice screws. (One 10cm, one 22cm, the rest 13cm. Combination of Petzl Laser Speed Light and BD Express)
  • V-threader tool. 
  • Set of 'draws. 5 alpine style, 5 dog-bone style. With big carabiners. Camp Photon is the absolute best ice climbing carabiner made... 
  • Cordellete
  • First aid/repair/shelter kit
  • Satellite phone
  • camera
  • Portable boot dryer 
  • file for sharpening spikes
  • binoculars
  • Extra clothes

Monday, November 21, 2016

Stuff to Sell, Fall 2016

I do this periodically. This time, it's priced to go. Good deals, I promise. You cover shipping, or pick it up in Victor ID. We could also likely meet up sometime in Jackson. Email me with your order, interest, or questions jediahmporter at Facebook msgs, forum "PM"s, text messages are all less effective than email. For local "shoppers" I have other stuff not listed here. Jackets, backpack, etc. Email to arrange to drop by. Prices and "inventory" updated 1/3/2016.

Scott SuperGuide 95. 180cm.  With Dynafit speed turn bindings. And BD skins. Retail: $1077 Asking: $538.50 firm. 

Dynafit PDG skis with race bindings. And Dynafit race ready speed skins. Used lightly over two seasons. No base damage, no tunes ever done. Mounted for 297mm BSL Dynafit TLT6. Can be remounted for a different boot size too.  $700
Dynastar Cham 107 HM. 184 length. With G3 skins. And Dynafit Speed Turn bindings. $450. Heck, the bindings and skins retail for more than that much. Buy 'em and you get free skis. Damn good skis at that. 

Hilleberg Nallo three tent. Lightest tent made for three people in burly weather! Barely used. $500 

Not pictured:

  • Brand new pair of Dynafit Speed Superlight 2.0 bindings. Like, in the box. $400
  • Brand new pair of Dynafit TLT 7 Performance. Size 27. Again, in the box. $525

Ski Helmet. Medium. $8 (unavailable for a bit. Stored away)

Small pelican case. $5 (unavailable for a bit. Stored away)
Nordic ski set up. Size 9 boots. 188cm skis. 160cm poles. $60. Or make an offer. (unavailable for a bit. Stored away)

Car roof box. Good shape. Maybe not all the requisite hardware? Surely you'll figure out something cool to do with it?  $40. (unavailable for a bit... stored away)