Thursday, May 19, 2016

Three Things Thursday. Issue #17

I have this set up to "auto-post" today, the 19th of May. If all goes as planned, two guests, Meagan and I flew into the center of the Chugach Mountains of Alaska for a sweet ski base camp. After that I go on a series of up to three more expeditions, wrapping up with my return to the Tetons around July 10. In between I'll have at leas short bouts of "normal" cell and internet, but I'll be largely out of traditional contact. Therefore, this week's version of the TTT will be three different ways to get ahold of me, if you absolutely need to. And, if you wish to book a trip, I consider that a worthy "need"... In fact, it's better to try and contact me than to withhold it because you don't think its important enough.

  • Send a short to medium email to If you go this route, the message must include no attachments. It comes to me via satellite, and it'll get completely blocked if the message is anything larger than a simple text email. I'll check this email once every few days. 
  • Leave a phone message on my regular cell phone. 760 920 1403. I'll check that once a week or so. 
  • For bookings in the Tetons, contact Exum Mountain Guides at 307 733 2297. They have access to my entire availability July 13 through September 3. They may have to dig a little, but everything I'm doing in that time line is booked through Exum. 

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