Saturday, March 12, 2016

15k day.

Years ago now I resolved to one day ski up and down 15,000 vertical feet. I even "pre sprayed" about it. I finally did just that earlier this week. It wasn't easy, nor was it as hard as I thought it would be. I made a minor effort to find a partner, but I also thought it would be cool on my own. When partners didn't come through, it wasn't all that heartbreaking to get out on my own.

Early morning, snow squall. Up Olive Oil. 

Wildlife. The Tetons are smack in a fricken wildlife safari. After skiing the Banana Chute on Prospectors Mountain, with no photos, I climbed the south east side of Prospectors to the back of the Son of Apocalypse couloir. 
Son of Apocalypse. Tracked, but great.

While I am not totally averse to the action selfie, a day paced like this one is not the time or place. This is the best I could do. Mainly powder skiing all day long. 

The last two laps were on a familiar skin track up Whympys, with the final trip to the summit of Albright. Where I had not been before. 

Summit of Albright, 5:16pm. Downhill!

I wish I could say I entertained profound thoughts about wilderness and weather and mountain vistas while gliding across Phelps Lake and down the Moose-Wilson Road. However, it was a brain-dead slog under beautiful light. 

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