Thursday, December 31, 2015

Three Things Thursday. Issue #12

Meagan. Tail guiding on Teton Pass. Christmas Day, 2015

  • Tim Ferris interviewed Jaime Foxx. Sure, it's more pop culture than mountain culture. But, for some reason, throughout the entire multi-hour interview, I felt like I was listening to a mountain fanatic talk about maximizing his enjoyment and success in a variety of mountain endeavors. Jaime Foxx is a versatile entertainer. So many mountain fiends wish to be versatile mountain travelers. 
  • Super well thought out article on backcountry ski gear repair kits. The lightweight equipment we use isn't "bomb-proof". It's close, but not perfect. Carry the right amount of the right stuff to keep mobile. 
  • The gear repair kit article is from one of the web's most accomplished multi-sport, sub-arctic, long-distance travelers. Trip reports in that category are my favorite, and his are among the best. Check some out:

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