Thursday, October 22, 2015

Three Things Thursday. Issue 7.

IC Posse climbing

  • Habits of ski, snow and avalanche pros. Certified Ski Mountaineering guide and Exum guide (and friend) Sarah Carpenter has cooked up what is perhaps the best "checklist" for ski touring and avalanche safety. 
  • One of the best reasons to use a standardized checklist for decision-making and execution in high-conseqence, complex situations (like alpine climbing or backcountry skiing) is that our memories are poor. There are many studies out there, in addition to anecdotal evidence of course, documenting just how poor even "good" memories can be. I find the study of "flash bulb" memories to be the most illuminating. 
  • I get all wound up on the decision-making/risk-management type of stuff. I think what goes on in our brains is the most important part of keeping safe in the mountains. But keeping safe is just part of the process. Being super stoked is another part. Acquaintance and mega spray-master Vitaliy is ultra stoked. Surf through his website if you want to see huge motivation! 

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