Thursday, October 8, 2015

Three Things Thursday. Issue #5

Jake Gerry. Mayflower Traverse. October 7, 2015

  • Inflammation kills. Athletes, fight it with a "recovery shower". Cycling hot and cold is proven by science and Scandinavians to reduce intramuscular inflammation and in turn aid in recovery from training. Recover better: perform better. 
  • Life is balance, right? For us mountain types, in our thirties, the most fascinating components to balance are mountains and social or family time. Sometimes they come together, but often they are at odds. Some give up one in favor of the other. But I'm not into that. I find balance in time management. And binges. I work a ton, all at once. I ski a ton, all at once. I spend a ton of time with Meagan, all together. I take weeks to go back east and visit family. And I admire those that find their own balance. I don't know Jim Herson personally, but I feel as though I do. His web presence, and "coverage" of his family and climbing time is legendary. You should check him out. Whether you climb or not, whether you have kids or not, whether you want kids or not, he's got something for you. Dig through his site.  
  • Climbing locations aren't all sunsets and rainbows and neon lichen. Sometimes there's graffiti. Sometimes it's worth taking some time to clean that graffiti up. Ideally, work with your local climbing organization. And use "Elephant Snot". That's really what its called. And it's made by a company called Graffiti Solutions. No joke. 

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