Thursday, October 1, 2015

Three Things Thursday, Issue #4

Lone Peak Cirque, Utah. 9/20/15. Climber: Josh Beckner

  • I can get you a deal on any of Evolv's Cruzer shoe line, for a limited time. Tag me and #evolvcruzers in an Instagram photo if you want the code. (Or just shoot me an email.)
  • Poop smart. I love traveling light. I'll leave all sorts of amenities behind. But we have a responsibility to the land. Dealing with our feces responsibly is high on the list of important things. Sometimes there are facilities for us, sometimes we carry it out, but many times we need to bury it. I don't care how clever you are, you won't dig as deep a hole without a tool of some sort. Your ice axe works, but you won't always have that. All the rest of the time? Bring a trowel. Please. 
  • This is my favorite trip report in a while. I'm biased, but I think Ian's ridge-climbing acumen and accomplishments makes him one of the country's best traversers, ever. And he gives us all this great window into his latest creation.  

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