Thursday, September 24, 2015

Three Things Thursday. Issue #3

I'm on the road this week. It goes like this: Leadville-Ridgway-Salt Lake-Bishop-Hulk-Palisades-Mammoth-Leadville. All in about 10 days. Ouch.

Obscure, weirdness. 9/18/2015

  • In guiding, I interact with an amazing array of passionate people. Many of the most impassioned are chasing some specific goal. Many of those are pursuing some sort of list completion. The most ambitious of the list seekers consult "Lists of John". Check it out, if you dare engage this sort of number-cruncher's inspiration. 
  • Pocket app. Everybody's got their favorite apps. This is one of my most recent favorites. Basically, it allows one to save any website for off-line viewing. It works with your computer browser and various social media apps to save content to your phone. What's the backcountry application? Well, first, I save weather and avalanche forecasts using it. Once in the wild, I never need again to try and remember exactly what the forecast was. Next, rather than kill precious social and "front-country" time reading the news and other articles, I save interesting links to Pocket. I can then read them during tent nights in the backcountry. 
  • Garmont and I are giving away a free pair of the DragonTail approach shoes. It's an Instagram photo contest. Post up a shot of some backcountry granite climbing this past summer. Equip it with a clever caption including little or nothing more than @garmontboots, @JediahPorter, and #garmontgranite. We'll announce the winner on October 15. (Incidentally, that's my wedding anniversary...) 

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