Saturday, September 13, 2014

NE Ridge Bear Creek Spire, Speed Run

I busted out today what seems to be the "Fastest Known Time" (3:47:53) for the NE Ridge of Bear Creek Spire. I've already defended these silly speedy missions elsewhere. In short, its a great workout and a killer way to cover a ton of ground. Going for time motivates visits to places and times I may not otherwise.

I snapped one photo (below), and collected data with Strava. I've got other speed records documented on this page. 

I wore some clothes, ate some food, and went as fast as I could. For footwear I wore Hokas for the run and carried a pair of Evolv Addicts for the scrambling. The Hokas are awesome for everything but the scrambling. In that venue, they suck. The Addicts are compact and seemed more than worth their weight on this endeavor. I wore the rock shoes from where the NE Ridge and N. Arete join to the summit and down the Ulrich route to the sand.

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