Monday, June 17, 2013

Poor Man's Cruise Vacation

Living in the more populous and poorer end of the social spectrum means that my membership in the "leisure class" requires dues paid more in changed attitude than in actual assets.  With an open mind, abundant time, and a modicum of spare change, I've lived a dirtbag's dream the last month or so.  I've sown mere pennies and reaped plentiful memories.  In my view, a cruise vacation is the ultimate in decadent catered vacationing.  Perhaps there is something more posh than a cruise, but my ignorance of it merely cements my pauper position.

Basically, I took advantage of family, friends and airline miles to travel North America in fine style the last month.

What do "they" do on a cruise?

Play yard games.  Badminton in Saint Augustine, FL.  

Chill. Mid-May, backyard wedding celebration in North Florida.  

Shopping.  Jacksonville, FL.  

Nature tours.  With Cousin Reenie on the IntraCoastal, North Florida.  

Wildlife excursions:  Swimming with manatees in the St John River.  (the brown "shadows" are manatees!)

And more wildlife excursions:  Snorkeling in "Silver Glen".  

Stroll the beach.  Venice Beach, CA.  

Gamble.  High stakes rummy on the Fairweather Glacier, Alaska.  

Seaside dining, noting how the others may be traveling.  Juneau, AK.

Deck sunsets.  Lynn Canal ferry, Alaska.  

Flightseeing.  With FlyDrake and The Smileys Project.  Glacier Bay National Park, AK.  
All kidding aside, I had a great month in the corners of the continent.  I have more pictures from the "main event" (Climbing Mt. Fairweather's Carpe Ridge) that I'll post soon enough.  And the full video of our climb will be posted to EpicTV sometime in the next year or so.

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