Saturday, March 23, 2013

More jobs...

Jacket testing in a stormy day on Mammoth. Scott Sinner photo.
Greetings all.  While folks clamor for more details from Ian and my recent Palisade Traverse, I feel compelled to offer up a few excuses as to why I haven't delivered.  Rather than rest on my laurels after the big endeavor, I have actually stepped it up a notch.  Well, up a notch in terms of life and work and writing.  Stepped it down considerably when it comes to physical activity.  I have a number of exciting irons in the fire right now.  New jobs, exciting opportunities, and travel plans are all coming together these weeks around the equinox.  Additionally, I am planning and training for my AMGA Ski Mountaineering Guide Exam up near Whistler British Columbia.  So, in bulleted list fashion, here's what I have going on.

Indeed the Palisade Traverse is fading into the past, but certain exciting follow-ups still deserve mention.

  • Ian and I made "The Bishop Buzz"
I've recently acquired 4 new jobs.  Yes, four.
  • The oldest of the new jobs, though not by long, is reviewing gear for Sage To Summit.  
  • Next, I have begun making paid field observations for the Eastern Sierra Avalanche Center
  • Thirdly, I have a paid position reviewing gear for
  • Finally, I will be working as a "Guest Guide" for Exum Mountain Guides in Wyoming.  I'm pretty stoked about all of these things, but this latter-most has perhaps the greatest potential.  I'll make periodic customized trips to the Tetons and Wind River Ranges of Wyoming to work for Exum.  If you are interested in booking a trip with me to those areas, we can now work that out.
I was interviewed for an article on
  • Check out my words and thoughts here
And, last but not least, I have been presented with an amazing opportunity.  
  •  My friends Janelle and Mark Smiley are on an ambitious quest. Basically, they're going to the mountains and bringing back inspiration. I recommend checking out their Kickstarter campaign and contributing what you can. If they reach their highest goal, they'll take me along to help with their Alaskan adventure this spring!
  • Find their Kickstarter campaign at this link.  

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