Monday, March 4, 2013

Instagram: Palisade Boots and Gloves

This is what 8 miles of #rockclimbing can do. #batteredandbroken. #palisadetraverse. 

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  1. You happy with the Sportiva as an all-around mountaineering/climbing boot? Would you use it again? What model?

  2. Them are the La Sportiva Trango Extreme Evo GTX. I can't say they're a great "all around" boot. What they are is the lightest, most nimble insulated technical climbing shoe made. In my opinion. I love them for day-trip techy ice and mixed climbing. Spring and fall they work well for multi-day climbing, as long as you keep them dry. My partner and I both used them on our recent Palisade Traverse, but paid the price. I got frostbite I will deal with for a long time now. We knew we were cutting corners to take such light boots, but were willing to take the risk in the interest of mobility. In short, there are much better "all around" boots. For winter multi-day climbing, double boots like the Baruntse or Spantik are better. For day-tripping, aim for Nepals or Baturas.