Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Earthquake Dome Speed Run

No photos... I mean, that would have cost me seconds...  I know, silly stuff.  But I've already justified it here.  Further, it's a quick way to get the heart-rate up and squeeze some turns in after work.  Watching the clock simply provides motivation.

In any case, on Sunday I went from pavement near the big bend in the "Scenic Loop" to the summit in 22:19 and back down in 4:15.  Car to car, on the ~1060 foot run in 26:34.  (That's about 40 feet a minute, up and down put together, transition included)

In the grand scheme of things, that's hardly anything.  In contrast, at the US ski mountaineering championships about a month ago the male winner went 8000 feet in 2 hours 30 minutes.  That's sustaining over 53 feet per minute for a much longer time frame.  In the recent world championship individual race the winner busted out 69 feet per minute over about 5700 vf.

Even in the wild, on something as technical as the Grand Teton, folks are sustaining 22 feet per minute ski "touring".  (7000 feet in 5 hours 17 minutes by these guys).

Gear for my mission on Earthquake Dome:

  • Dynafit Tlt 5 performance Boots
  • BD Stigma Skis
  • BD full Mohair skins
  • Ski Trab race bindings
  • BD carbon fixed length poles
  • Camp Rapid 260 pack
  • 1lb emergency kit
  • puffy jacket.
  • Some water, unused.

Incidentally, and speaking of speedy things, I just came across this photo again.  Last year I made it to the cover of the CAMP "Mountain Running" catalog.  Hence the upstart interest in speedy mountain endeavors;  might as well meet cover-boy expectations...

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  1. Let's Everest Challenge Punta Bardini in 24hr!!! We'd only have to do 20 feet a minute...