Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winter Climbing Photos

Basically, I follow Ian around in his red jacket and take pictures of him.  Some of those pictures come out nice and I horde them.  I realized that I can't really think of what else to do with them, so I'll share them here.  In no particular order, captioned with lesson's learned.  We've been learning lots of lessons...
One of my favorite pics lately.  Lesson learned:  The Iphone panorama mode works well, and makes cool-looking
 "art", but sometimes it gets fouled up.  

Heel Toe, LVC.  We may continue to learn this lesson on into old age, but: mixed climbing is dumb.

Heel Toe, again.  Ian learned lots of lessons:  keep your gloves on.  Don't try and rock climb while ice climbing. Then we saw a way smarter climber take crampons, tools and gloves off in almost this very spot.  Rules are meant to be broken?  

More "art".  Really just a poorly aimed camera.

Wet-tooling.  Mono points rule.  

Even wetter.  It's the "Alpine high 5".  

Mt. Morrison in early December.  Lesson learned:  It is indeed possible to climb in heinous winds and cold.  Just don't do it with a broken fly zipper.  Trust me.  

Morrison again.  Still cold, still windy, not yet "winter". Wtf?

All sorts of promise...
... and all sorts of punishment.  Lessons:  Never post-hole at the beginning of the day and never post-hole uphill.
Unless you can't avoid it.  

Dry-tooling is ridiculous.  But we do it anyway.   

Late afternoon, cloud-reflected light on LVC's Main Wall.  About as sunny as California
ice climbing gets. 

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