Thursday, January 17, 2013

Emergency/First Aid Kit

**Text/list updated 4/2019. Photos are older**

More than anything else, folks ask what I carry for emergencies.  Now, this is by no means comprehensive;  For almost every trip I add in something more.  On ski trips, I add ski repair gear.  With bigger groups and overnight trips, more first aid gear is warranted.  In technical terrain, a minimum of retreat gear is in order.  Cold weather requires emergency insulation.  But packing always starts with this kit:

Enclosed, roughly top to bottom and left to right:

[]Nu Mask
[]Space Blanket
[]Tiny leatherman
[]Petzl E-lite
[]magnesium striker
[]2 pairs gloves
[]Baling wire
[]Various gauzes
[]Blister covers
[]Anti diarrheal
[]cold medicine
[]Blood clotting sponge
[]Alcohol wipes
[]Coban/Vet Wrap
[]Irrigation syringe
[]Steri strips
[]nasopharyngeal airway
[]Tincture of Benzoine
[]Antibiotic ointment
[]Spare contact lens
[]ear plugs
[]ski strap

All wrapped in a durable zippered pouch.  How many of the Ten Essentials 
are in this compact one-pound package?  It is small enough that I don't hesitate to take it basically everywhere I go.


  1. Great information, thanks for your take on the first aid/repair essentials! Quick question, what is the reasoning for taking the bailing wire?

    1. Thanks Joseph! I know I've used bailing wire for all sorts of things. Thing is, I can't think of any right now... maybe it's not all that necessary if I haven't used it in a while. Critical thinking, as always...

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