Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Year in Review, Professionally

Well, more accurately, review of the year since March 1st.  On March 1st of 2012 I started collecting post-trip guiding data in a new format.  It's allowed me to pull out a few statistics that seem interesting to me at least.  I have collated post-trip info by trip.  And each trip may be one day, or could be many more.  Some interesting tidbits (again, all since March 1st.  2013 data will be more comprehensive):

A beautiful, dry-winter trip to the Palisades in February.

  • 50 trips exactly.
  • 104 days (132 guiding days in the whole year.  I also worked substitute teaching 33 days)
  • 26 of the trips were single day outings
  • 6 were 2-day trips
  • 11 were 3 days long
  • 7 trips were 4 days or more

  • 9 trips were on skis
  • 14 were front-country rock climbing oriented
  • 1 trip was backpacking
  • 3 trips were ice climbing (The bulk of the Ice season is January and February...)
  • And the remainder (23 trips) were alpine climbing of some sort

A "hanging Chad"  

  • On 32 trips I described the weather as "clear and sunny"
  • 39 trips began with some sort of objective in mind (summit, specific route, etc) 
  • On 28 of those we accomplished what we set out to do.
  • On 3 of those "successful" trips, I noted that we accomplished everything we set out to do, and then something more.  
  • On the 21 trips labeled education, measurement of the degree of accomplishment is far more subjective. 
  • 21 of the 50 trips were with returning clients.  
  • Purely anecdotal, but I have to call 2012 "The Year of the GoPro".  On more than half the trips this year there was some sort of Point-of-View camera.  

Little kids love climbing!  

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