Friday, December 21, 2012

Cochise 2012

Many photos, fewer words.

Alex and I made the fall pilgrimage to the desert.  First stop, Tucson and Mt. Lemmon.
Not so photogenic climbing, but amazing city-overlooking forested campsites.  

Next stop, Cochise Stronghold.

Adventurous climbing, amazing setting.  

Great light.  

Border country, exemplified.  

Yeah, that really happened.

And this happened: it rained.  But we snuck through, apprehension notwithstanding.

Outlast the rain, beat the dark.  

Same sunset, different angle.  

Climber's dig Cochise, but the blue collar wild-loving scene is alive and well.  

Dirt roads, deer, cows, and elaborate family campouts.

Head into Tombstone for a taste of Vegas meets Jackson Hole meets Big Pine (or Andes, NY)

More Tombstone
Alex's friend Larissa visited.  

And we climbed. 

And they photographed me.

It's like the fricken Serengheti out there.

Or like a different world, entirely.

The desert's poky.

The climbing is unique.

Anchors even more so.

The gal and her van

Mining the bottom of the foodbox for a festive Thanksgiving dinner.


Saguaro, jogging.  

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