Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Virtually Seamless

That's how I'd describe this now-past "shoulder season".

I burned away much of my twenties (and liver...) in frustrated Eastern Sierra Novembers.  Too cold for alpine climbing, too dry yet for skiing, November became a time to drink and complain.  Entering my 4th decade proved to be a turning point in many ways, but notable right now for the discovery of rock climbing in Arizona.  Arizona's climbing is diverse, low-altitude and warm.  It is uncrowded, close to home, and inspiring.  Three Novembers in a row now, I've managed to escape the darkness with shorts-clad "vacation" climbing in the 48th state.  Alex and I took some pretty pictures, which are destined to show up here soon enough.  For now, enjoy a couple capturing warm and sunny border country, and one capturing my first ski tour of the year here in the Sierra.  Mere hours separated relaxed vacationing and beautiful skiing!

"Everyone, look that way. And keep looking..."

"...'Cause it's gonna get rail purty"
Tough desert critter that virtually glows.  And a jumping cholla.  

Back in the Sierra, skiing BC corn snow.  Fer real.

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