Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Washington, Part 3: Examined

AMGA Alpine Guide Exam, September 2012.  For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that final results have yet to be announced, this blogger is up against a case of writer's block.  It's hard to expound on what happened when one doesn't yet really know what happened.  These exams are grueling, beautiful, often fun, and stressful.  We went to beautiful spots, learned lots about guiding, bonded with peers and examiners alike, and got valuable feedback.  Mixed into that feedback, in my case, is a glimmer of hope.  However, in the end, its the end that counts.  And final results are still pending a necessary, though nonetheless annoying, waiting period.  Don't worry, I'll get the word out as soon as I know.  

Also stifling the creative process is the lack of sweet pictures.  I left the nicer cameras in California, hoping to focus while examining and use my phone to snap the occasional shot.  However, my buddy Mark pulled no punches with the time and technology dedicated to capturing the moments. He's got an album up here, and a video in the works.  

Here is the executive summary, documented with a handful of my own pictures.  I couldn't resist snagging one of Mark's, if only to show the contrast in quality.  

Days 1-5, Marble Creek Cirque

Day 6, Rest and repack.

Day 7, Ice Movement.  Kurt Hicks demonstrating the limits of "Technique Classique"

Still ice movementing.  Mark snapped this as I demonstrated the limits of "Technique Pumpique"

Days 8-9, Shuksan N. Face, with this sweet campsite between the Crystal and Sulphide Glaciers
Day 10, debrief.  Day 1, Post exam, Travel.

Day 2 post exam, rock climbing in Yosemite with the ladies.  Ultimate luxury.  

Alex on the final pitch of Braille Book, Higher Cathedral Rock.  

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