Thursday, September 13, 2012

Washington 2012, Part 1

Here I am, resting in the Pacific North"wet" on a clear sunny day.  What the heck?  Well, first of all, we went big yesterday.  Baker's North Ridge, car-to-car, was a solid outing.  What a climb!  Prior to that I scouted a few approaches and dodged some weather.  Alex arrives tonight to climb with me and has informed me, in no uncertain terms, that she's "well-rested and ready to charge." I know what that means.  It means I better rest up and be ready myself.

All this going, directed by a preparatory agenda, preempts photography.  In fact, I left cameras (aside from my ubiquitous phone...) down in Cali.  Literally all I've gotten out of 4 days of tromping around are these few snaps.  Check it out, Washington does get sun!

Mark S. after a thrash in towards Mt. Shuksan.  Now we know where not to go.

Baker's N. Ridge in fine shape.  Coleman glacier, not as fine.  Again, learning where not to go.  

In Washington, even when it's sunny, it's drippy.  Irrigated cucumbers along the coast, Mt. Baker presiding from the upper right.  

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