Monday, May 7, 2012


It's been a few weeks now, but Alex and I had a spectacular trip to the Canadian Rockies.  I documented our inaugural tour on Mt. Hector and I posted a Trip Report on TelemarkTips from our time at the Stanley Mitchell Hut.   Skiing in huge glaciated peaks is a very photogenic experience.  Even when light is flat and everything looks white, it's a spectacular visual experience.  Skiing fast predictable powder snow when you don't know if the next turn is down or up, steep or flat, now, that's exhilarating.   Anyway, I've got a more reflective blog post cooking, so I'll spare the words and spoil the photo-hungry.  I have tried to pick photos that complement those already posted here, on TelemarkTips and on Facebook.  Dig through it all, at least the clicking around will engage you if the photos are otherwise boring.

Alex and Hector Lake

Finding untracked high on Mt. Hector

Our brief friendship with Calgary's Wendy scored us this picture.  Thanks Wendy.  

Afternoon Tea at the Lake Louise Chalet.  Free t-shirt, home-made buzz-cut, and a
gazillion canadian dollars worth of fancy silver and china.  Weird.  

It does rain in Canada, just so you know.

And the rain doesn't stop when you get out of the car.  

Hut life.  Alex is a "blur of nylon and metal"

Awww.  Aren't they colorful?

Less color, more powder.  And ghostly chunks of fallen cornice.  

Droppin' in heavy.

That's what winter looks like!

Alex thinks this Wolverine was following us everywhere.  

I think the wolverine made this.  I can't think of any more logical explanation.  

Trees.  I like the texture.  

Thin clouds, soft snow and a beautiful woman breaking trail.  What's better than that?

Well, that beautiful woman letting you have first tracks beneath huge limestone walls for your birthday tour, that might be better.  

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