Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rock Creek to McGee

This is basically a photo essay of how Ryan spent his day.   I was there too, on the other side of the camera.  Rock Creek Road, near the pie place.
Down the west side of "Half Moon Pass".  A little scrambling.

The rest of Half Moon Pass' westside.  And onto Golden Lake.

Sweet Westside forested goodness.  Down Golden Creek and up into Pioneer Basin.

Climbing the SW side of Mt. Stanford, with Red Slate watching over.

Further up Stanford.

And down the other side of Stanford.

Further down Stanford.

Even further down.  

More turns in Stanford's NE bowl

Up a couloir on the climber's right margin of  the S. Cirque of  Mt. Morgan

Ridge scrambleneering near the Morgan Plateau

Mr. 3-Redbulls-today...

Down into Esha Canyon

At the Bottom.  We beat the darkness, on both ends of the day.  Yeehaw!
Stats:  7600 vf up, 8600 vf down. 14 miles.  About 500 vertical feet, total, hiking down.  Otherwise we skied it all.

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