Friday, November 18, 2011


What a journey! And it ain't over yet.
I left Bishop on Thursday afternoon.
I picked up Chad at the Vegas Airport that night.
We climbed 3 days in Red Rock.
We stayed at a reeaally nice hotel.
We ate good bar food each night.
I dropped Chad off at the airport on Sunday night.
I promptly spilled water all over the back of my car.
I slept in said soggy car Sunday night.
I climbed with Ian on Monday.
I sent some climbing gear journeying with Ian, swamped out my car, stashed some more gear out of sight, and checked into the Excalibur for Monday night.
I love hotels. I have stayed maybe 3 nights in my life alone in a hotel. Weird.
I woke at 4:30 am today (Tuesday)
I walked to the airport, about an hour.
I checked in and then flew LAS-JFK.
I followed two sets of customized instructions, my own nose, and google transit directions from JFK to Grand Central Station.
I still fouled it up, missing trains and paying for more trips than I used.
But I did get to give a forceful (and welcome) shove to a woman trying to get inside the repeatedly closing and opening doors of the AirTrain. I didn't get on, but I was first in line for the next.
Cousin Whitney met me at Grand Central and took me to 2 different $1 pizza joints, 1 all-professional bar and her office, all in about 45 minutes.
Now I am on a Poughkeepsie-bound train. Mom and Dad will meet me there and we'll drive the last 1:30 home to Margaretville. Whew!

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