Sunday, October 23, 2011

In some circles, particularly this rock climbing community, its a bit of a cliche: "head to the desert in the fall". Good weather, comfy camping, quality rock climbing, company of friends. All is found in our mountain deserts this time of year. Normally I squirm at these conventions, habits, cliches. But, as a wise friend has pointed out, conventions are conventional for a reason. Fall in the American Southwest Desert is awesome!

I just spent about 10 days in Red Rocks near Las Vegas. I drove to and fro through Death Valley. On the way back I seriously laid down in the above pictured sand dune near Owens Lake. Days and days of going hard amid the noise of cars and Vegas and wind and the quiet screaming of stress and critique inside my own head had caught up with me. Flopping out of the car and onto the quiet sand that evening was pure joy!

I'm back in the Sierra for a few days, but will again head east into the desert next week. This time, hopefully northern Arizona.

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