Friday, September 9, 2011

Wow. Its been a while. And what's happened since I last posted? Roughly, Chronologically: tons of work, a brush with show business, a really burly Palisades trip, I watched a guy explode on impact with the face of Half Dome, we climbed the Evolution Traverse, I bonded with great people through the prior two events, I have been in touch with some of my oldest friends, I wracked my body with a depleting 10 day binge in the mountains, family's towns back east have been ravaged by flooding, baby's giggles have made me cry, as well as the peaceful tragedy of expressions that can accompany the other end of life. I hope to write up much of what has gone on in my crazy world. I hope to capture the intensity with words and pictures. I hope to make well thought-out contributions to this blog, but also to continue to post stream-of-consciousness style rants like this one. Stay tuned, hang

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