Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Aspendell, Weather, and Women

It's uncanny actually. So far this season I have skied three times out of Aspendell. And each time was in something less than perfect sunny weather. And each time was with a different hot-shot woman. And check out the pattern in photos...

Day #1 was back just before New Year's. We'd had a ton of snow, and forecast for a ton of wind. Skandria (Alex, Alexandra, Sasha, Dreadlock Alex) and I headed up onto the Upper Buttermilk Plateau and braved gnarly winds and lurking coyotes.

We barely escaped with our skin intact!
Day #2 was the end of January, and I skied with another Alex. A new and motivated and skilled partner for me. She and I were headed Aspendell to the Buttermilks during the only 30 minutes of snow between New Years and President's day.

Aspendell day #3 was just last week, with a client from Switzerland. Another athletic woman, this time we went up around Fool's Ridge. What we call the "Wonder Lakes Loop". Once again, fresh snow, plus lots of wind forecast.
Is my "photography" stale? Back lit women, winds and wilderness played out? I certainly enjoyed myself on these three trips. Are you a hot chick, ski, and want to make a date to ski out of Aspendell in late March?

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