Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Unapologetic Narcissism

How many blogs start with a post in this same spirit? "I'm embarrassed to be doing this thing"... "I never thought i would do this"... etc. well, i am no different. it would be especially self-serving to step up and "own it", claiming i am un ashamed of my self-promoting, or more accurately self -exposing, efforts. but then i go and title the whole shebang with a self righteous moniker like "A Life Athletic". Why then? Why, with all my own conflicting views? Well, life has been strange and tough for me lately. i have been working on life skills, pondering what it is that makes up one's life. i am living a life. maybe not "the life", but a life for sure. and i dig looking at my own life, maybe you will too. and the athletic part? well, i make my living, my reputation, my friends, my sanity, and my recreation in an athletic fashion. seeing stories, and tips, and conditions reports from my athletic endeavors very well might be what gets you here and keeps you coming back.

Now, a few nuts and bolts. this first post is coming from my phone, hence the poor formatting. it doesnt like capital letters, and wont let me click back to edit. if i want to change something above, i would have to erase all the way back to the spot. i have blog presence elsewhere around the web, and theres some good stuff there. you may have seen my postings through myspace, through a shared blogger account under "losporjillos", some posts on the "sage to summit" blog, and various trip reports on the sierra mountain guides pages. but those were all shared to some degree. this one is all mine. i am feeling a bit entitled to some narcissism. i now have my own climbing rack, my own home, my own travel schedule, my own life. why not my own blog? i am reveling in a little selfish excess. dont worry, my excesses are at least not damaging to my health. and i have virtually no concern for turning into a weird hermit guy. this solo and selfish way of being has very little true appeal. its simply how i can best figure how to handle where i am at right now. alright, enough poking at the little keyboard. i'll edit this sometime, and soon try some actual content, maybe even a picture. :


  1. Jed, I just typed a whole diatribe about the virtues of blogging and lost it in cyber space somewhere. Sounds like people who wrote in mine early on. I said, A blog is not just a self-promoting thing. When I did my Cross-Country bike trip I used a blog to communicate to my family and friends and keep in contact during difficult-to-contact times. There are too many people who bare themselves, at their reputation's expense, on line. There is a need to filter what you share in the public domain. Too many people share stuff to the general public that should not be shared. A private written journal is the only place to put this. Your Blog does become a good record of your activity that you can refer to for years to come. Keep it coming. POP

  2. I'm enjoying reading your blog Jed. Humor, insight and adventure - all wrapped up in pretty good prose. Glad you took this on. Oh, and I relish the image of you as a weird hermit guy.