Saturday, February 26, 2011

Powder Skiing Continues!

This shot is from yesterday, guiding in the Mammoth Area. Today I am heading out for fun with my oldest ski partners- Scott and Anne. There's more fresh snow, the winds should die down, we're driving a relatively short distance, we're starting late, we will be able to share trailbreaking, the conversation will be good... man, I could go on and with what I am looking forward to for today! After this I work another day of skiing and then a day of ice climbing. By Monday night I will have been 9 straight big days in the mountains. Awesome! I'll have to take a town day sometime soon... but not while the skiing is so great.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fast Powder Skiing!

Josh Feinberg Photo

Got out today with Josh, one of the Eastern Sierra Avalanche Center forecasters. We summitted Red Mountain. We gathered some valuable information, mainly in the form of ski-penetration tests. Excellent powder was the name of the game!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Good Hearted AND Good Timin'

Its not all about the mountains. I spend a lot of time there, but that's not all I do or want to do. And like I have insinuated, life's kind of crazy. Talking about what i've been doing is cool, but that will become tiresome. Writing about what I do well, or for that matter, what I do poorly, seems both too personal and too cocky. It seems timely to write a bit about what I intend to do and be. Outside of the mountains. I have aspirations in the hills, personally and professionally. But those will have to wait. This is gonna be kind of a list of New Year's Resolutions, a couple months late.

I resolve to be a good friend. A good friend that will be a strong supporter, and inspire strong support. We all need a support system. And I have a new vision. I envision a support system like a building's foundation. (An aside here, lest family feel left out or taken for granted. But i'm talking specifically about non-family support. My family is awesome. No issues, rock-solid, always there, easy to serve. I guess that's like saying I take them for granted. But, well, trust is different than taking for granted, I hope) My support system in the past had plenty of material in the foundation. Good materials, good people. But it was tall and skinny. Deep, but not broad. And it wobbled, to say the least. I now know the value of maybe a pyramid-shaped foundation. Broad base, strong center. Sturdy.

I will eat and sleep and rest like an athlete. Like someone who needs his body to give him the best it's got.

I will "wear my heart on my sleeve": sharing without alienating. Showing passion without reservation or embarrassment.

I will be an excellent employee. Sometimes that means giving more than I am paid for, sometimes sticking up for the effort I put in. Always minding my own "human factors", limitations, preferences and biases.

I will do some things for me, some things for my career, some things for my sanity, some things for my family, some things for my friends, and very few things just "because I should".

I will go broke probably.

I will blossom, grow, thrive, be down, be up, piss people off, make 'em happy.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

AIARE Level 2, February 11-14, 2011

This is a bit of a trial. Trying out "mobile blogging". See if this works any easier than posting through the phone browser.

My most recent guiding assignment was teaching an AIARE Level 2 course. And it was quite the experience. We run far fewer of these courses, and the content requires far more preparation than a Level 1. So Howie and I worked very hard planning and executing this course. I hope that it showed...

Another neat, and somewhat intimidating, thing about a Level 2 is that the clientele is far more experienced than average. In the case off this course, we had ski-movie stars, full-time patrollers, globe-trotting ski bum lifers, and even a real live rock star!

The course provided quite the humbling experience for all involved. I was humbled by the athleticism and worldliness of these folks skiiing. And students absorbed a ton of info with great humility. At many instances in the course, folks exclaimed at just how lucky they had been to survive their backcountry careers up to this point.

Hopefully all now have an even better understanding of the avalanche phenomenon, and skills to help keep them out of trouble!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Unapologetic Narcissism

How many blogs start with a post in this same spirit? "I'm embarrassed to be doing this thing"... "I never thought i would do this"... etc. well, i am no different. it would be especially self-serving to step up and "own it", claiming i am un ashamed of my self-promoting, or more accurately self -exposing, efforts. but then i go and title the whole shebang with a self righteous moniker like "A Life Athletic". Why then? Why, with all my own conflicting views? Well, life has been strange and tough for me lately. i have been working on life skills, pondering what it is that makes up one's life. i am living a life. maybe not "the life", but a life for sure. and i dig looking at my own life, maybe you will too. and the athletic part? well, i make my living, my reputation, my friends, my sanity, and my recreation in an athletic fashion. seeing stories, and tips, and conditions reports from my athletic endeavors very well might be what gets you here and keeps you coming back.

Now, a few nuts and bolts. this first post is coming from my phone, hence the poor formatting. it doesnt like capital letters, and wont let me click back to edit. if i want to change something above, i would have to erase all the way back to the spot. i have blog presence elsewhere around the web, and theres some good stuff there. you may have seen my postings through myspace, through a shared blogger account under "losporjillos", some posts on the "sage to summit" blog, and various trip reports on the sierra mountain guides pages. but those were all shared to some degree. this one is all mine. i am feeling a bit entitled to some narcissism. i now have my own climbing rack, my own home, my own travel schedule, my own life. why not my own blog? i am reveling in a little selfish excess. dont worry, my excesses are at least not damaging to my health. and i have virtually no concern for turning into a weird hermit guy. this solo and selfish way of being has very little true appeal. its simply how i can best figure how to handle where i am at right now. alright, enough poking at the little keyboard. i'll edit this sometime, and soon try some actual content, maybe even a picture. :